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Welcome to the World of Bryony

Why are we changing our name?

Recently, it has been brought to our attention that we’re not alone in loving the name Poppy – there are other brands out there too! Because of this, and with the possibility of growing our ranges in the future, we’ve decided to rebrand under our new name – Bryony. As our designer, and the creator of Poppy and Fred, who better to share a name with?! We hope that with this name change, you’ll be able to imagine Bryony in our studio bringing life to an ever-expanding family of characters that exist in our stories and on our dresses.

Who is Bryony?

Bryony is our designer and the creator, each dress has to be hand illustrated and there is never a detail left out ! Growing up on a North Yorkshire farm, she is constantly inspired by the idyll of a countryside childhood, full of freedom to explore nearby woodlands, climb trees, talk to chickens and get up to general mischief when ever no adult was looking.

It’s the desire for childhood nostalgia, which feeds Bryony’s imagination as she illustrates each storybook and piece in our collection by hand from our studio in the heart of London.

Our History

When Bryony was a little girl – even younger than Poppy – her parents Stephanie and Michael started to make little girls dresses. Bryony took the company over 8 years ago after the original Poppy brand lay dormant – it was time to wake it up again, this time with a twist!

Bryony created carachters inspired by books from her own childhood and set about illustrating their adventures not only on our clothing but also in our accompanying storybooks. The little girl Bryony writes and drawes is a little girl who never grows up, and along with her faithful companion, Fred the dog; they go on adventures wherever Bryony wishes them to go.These stories are fundamental to our ranges and help us in our mission to create meaningful clothing for our wearers; pieces that last in the memory of mother and child for years to come.

Despite only starting with dresses for girls, Bryony made herself a few pieces to wear as she displayed the brand at shows throughout the UK. As more shows came and went, demand for the women’s dresses grew and grew from her fellow traders – after all why should the little ones have all the fun! Now the Bryony range caters for both women and children, so mothers and daughters can wear our designs all capturing the spirit of childhood adventures.

Our Story Books

Storytelling always puts a smile on our face and we want our customers, both big and small to become part of the magic themselves! This is why the dresses from our collections will always be accompanied by an illustrated book, each capturing the inspiration for our designs shown through the tales of Poppy and her friends. It’ll be a struggle not to become totally immersed in their world and even learn a thing or two along the way… By creating these unique designs, we believe our customers are not only investing in dresses, but memories which will last a lifetime, a rarity in a fashion world which seems to spin so fast. We want mother and daughter alike to love their Bryony dresses and most importantly have fun in them!

It’s not just our clothing, which brings Bryony’s stories to life. We also produce a whole host of gifts and homeware, often made of scrap fabrics from the collections so no material is wasted in our production.

What We Do Best

Made to wash and wash again, we pride ourselves in creating unique, hand illustrated pieces to be passed on to others, so our stories can continue for future generations. By making pieces built to endure, you can do anything you want in your Bryony dress, whether that be playing in the mud, climbing trees or dancing at a party, just like Poppy does in the stories. You won’t find another dress like it!

Our Ethics

We believe that in a world where fashion is produced faster and faster, it is vital for brands like us to invest in the future of our planet. This philosophy is central to all of our decisions and the team at Bryony work hard to ensure every element of our supply chain are founded upon ethical principles. This includes sourcing organic cotton so that the Earth’s bees are happy and free to buzz and pollinate without worry of nasty pesticides, and manufacturing our ranges in Europe so that we can visit our factories regularly to ensure that everyone working for us is happy and healthy. We’ve even managed to produce some of our collections in the UK – Poppy would be proud!

These values are integral to the Bryony story and we work hard to ensure that our customers don’t pay a premium for our desire to produce collections in a sustainable manner. We believe that Bryony should work in harmony with the world we live in, so that children like Poppy and dogs like Fred, may continue to play and explore a beautiful world for years to come.

The Future

Bryony’s studio team are always working hard to create a new adventure for our customers. We have lots of plans to expand our range so do keep a look out for new products! 

Above all, we depend on feedback from our customers so we can continue to improve our designs, styles and sizes. We welcome thoughts for new products as well as ideas for where Poppy and Fred can go on their next day out and who they may meet along the way, so please contact us with any comments. We can’t wait to hear from you! –

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Our dresses for Women and Children all come with accompanying hand illustrated storybooks, each depicting the inspiration of our designs. Our dresses are Organic cotton and made to wash and wash again so that they can be passed on from one generation to the next.

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