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Bryony & her beautiful illustrated story dresses

Below is a condensed interview with Bryony for Culture Baby and what inspired her to make such wonderful unique dresses, and how it all began…

“I was looking at a lovely children’s story book one day and thinking how nice that would be if I could put the stories on dresses. This way girls would enjoy wearing their clothes more and would look forward to the next adventure. I loved the idea of putting illustrations on clothing. Shouldn’t every piece of clothing have a story behind it?”

Why Poppy England? “To me all of it is English. The experiences of Poppy and Fred are unique to England. With The London print, it was especially important to me to capture the scale of the city and the feeling of being so small in such a big place.”

Inspiration “I was raised in the north of England. I had an idilic childhood. I was brought up on a farm and was free to wander and play in the fields and the rivers near by. So my favourite things are the dramatic changes in the seasons and all the colours that come with that…the British countryside is particularly beautiful.  I also love that Britain has great diversity among its people, as well as our capacity for storytelling and our legendary British humour!”

Why each dress comes with a storybook “Always inspired by children’s books, I wanted to create a product that would mean more to the wearer than being “just another piece of clothing”. In combining a love of books and illustration with Poppy’s tradition of creating border prints, I am able to literally tell a story with on a Poppy dress. Now when you buy a dress from Poppy a storybook comes with it so you can not only read the story but wear it too!”

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