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Ellie & why her Pink Budgies dress is the top wardrobe pick!

Hello! My name is Ellie, and I’m lucky enough to be a newly appointed Poppy girl! I have been a long term avid Poppy frock lover – right from their very first seaside themed women’s collection.

This pink budgie dress is my ultimate favourite at the moment, and I want to wear it all the time, even when its in the washing machine.

I have concocted a top ten list of Why I Love My Budgie Dress!

No1. Its super comfortable and soft to wear, its 100% cotton and fully lined. It is even machine washable so I’m not scared of putting it on a 40 degree wash at the end of a busy day!

no2. The Beatrice cap style is easy to wear and has a flattering fit, its comes with a matching belt so can be nipped in at the waist or worn slightly looser after a big lunch! (quite often the case) I can still move and lift and dance and stretch in these dresses – they don’t restrict my day to day activities in anyway which is so important, I’m not the kind of girl not to get stuck into the job at hand! All beatrice styled dresses can be easily found on this link.

no3. It gives me beautiful vintage style – I will always be a vintage lover and 50’s fanatic and these dresses tick the boxes beautifully. When teamed with a Poppy petticoat, it really accentuates the wonderful full skirt the dress has and brings out that 1950s style even more.

no.4 It is full of colour! Its a beautifully bold dress, and I get compliments on it wherever I go – I’m not scared to pop it with a mustard yellow Poppy cardigan and a Blue fluffy petticoat to match the budgie print on the dress! But for someone who likes to be a little more subtle then it can be worn simply and still have a beautiful look. Range of fluffy petticoats here, from bright and bold to simple and elegant.

no.5 The story behind each dress – each Poppy dress tells a story of Poppy and her best companion Fred her dog. Each dress has a hand illustrated print of their adventures together, and alongside each dress comes an illustrated story book with the full tale of their escapades. This for me makes Poppy stand out from other brands and makes it so special – knowing that my dress is unique and so carefully designed. Full brand info here!

no6. Rejoice! The dress has pockets in the side seams! Which is super handy (hehe) when I’m on the go and need somewhere to put my keys or oyster card…or even if my hands are just a little chilly.

no7. The unique print. I don’t see anyone else in London wearing dresses like these…especially not covered in multicoloured budgies! This dress is so unique and individual. They are a real expression of personality and it feels refreshing change to be a person of colourful clothing! There is too many monochrome dressed people these days. All the colour ways and different styles of dress in the budgie print can be checked out here.

no8. Special occasion? Sorted! I have even worn this dress to a friends wedding. It is a classy and fun look which is perfect to be dressed up, plus with a Poppy petticoat underneath I was queen of the dance floor! Have a peek at wedding inspiration here.

no9. Flatters my good bits, hides the wobbles. I don’t know anyone who is 100% happy with their body, and personally its my tummy and the top of my legs. These are subtly covered up in this dress but I still feel elegant and feminine with a beautiful figure and shape.

no10. It is a timeless dress. Poppy dresses are designed to last. They are all printed and made to fabulous quality in design, print and manufacturing. I hope to pass my special Budgie dress onto my little girl one day (or buy her the matching dress!)

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Photo 18-05-2015 18 03 15Photo 18-05-2015 18 05 11

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