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Moodles Window Display

For a Southwest, Poppy experience, head to Moodles of Bristol who have officially caught the Poppy and Fred bug! The childrenswear brand, specialising in high quality ‘cherry picked’ brands is the new setting for our childrenswear. Hoping in the future to sell some of our adult’s dresses, Moodles is a mix of British brands, that only recently opened their doors in January. Moodles have set their window displays awash with our Poppy dresses. The cute visuals, we think are perfect tribute our illustrated brand. The images by photographer Cate Robbins, captures the styled models reading our Poppy and Fred stories! You can find more of her gorgeous work for Poppy and Moodles, as well as other projects on her website: For those of you who seek to find a brand proud of their products with ‘provenance and integrity’ check out, Moodles great website at:


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Our dresses for Women and Children all come with accompanying hand illustrated storybooks, each depicting the inspiration of our designs. Our dresses are Organic cotton and made to wash and wash again so that they can be passed on from one generation to the next.

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